What Digital Strategies Should Melbourne Businesses Embrace in 2017?

As any reputable SEO agency or expert in Australia will tell you, there are no permanent or fixed digital strategies. What may be working for some Melbourne businesses may not be very effective for your enterprise. This is attributed to changing business environment, discovery of new methods, target market, changes in algorithms in case of search engine optimisation (SEO), and individual preference among many other reasons. It is therefore important to always keep tabs on what’s happening in the world of digital marketing and SEO. The following are some of the biggest trends to watch out for in 2017:

  1. Make Use of Testimonials

While the traditional testimonial box played a key role in making your business or website more trustworthy, SEO experts in Australia advice business owners to add more life to the testimonials. It’s no longer just about gathering the testimonials and placing them in the box but more about coding them so as they can be picked up by the search engines. In so doing, the testimonials will appear in many other places apart from the conventional testimonial box. This is one of the digital strategies that are bound to help Melbourne businesses become more prominent.

  1. Make Your Website More Mobile-Friendly

According to statistics, at least 50% of searches are done via mobile devices including smartphone and tablets and this number is expected to rise in the coming years. However, many Melbourne businesses are still focusing more on making their website desktop-friendly while giving little or no attention to mobile optimisation. This is contributing to stagnated sales, weak market penetration, poor SERP and losing customers to the competition. When interacting with an SEO agency Melbourne, it pays to also ask the experts to optimize your site for mobile devices.

  1. Rise of Chatbots

The revolution of the Chatbots has seen most social network sites embracing “Chatbots” that interacts with their customers. This is evident in the likes of Google, Facebook Messenger, Microsoft Skype, Twitter DM, Salesforce, Line, Slack, and WeChat among many others. Chatbots create an active one-on-one engagement that helps build trust among users and also helps in understanding your market. According to SEO experts, conversational experiences is like artificial intelligence and compounds past, present and future experiences through use of text services, ecommerce and social engagement.

  1. Immersive Video Content

2016 was a big year for video content as indicated by the growing number of YouTubers and video marketing. YouTube, predominant with video content, comes second to Google in terms of search engines. 2016 saw the release of Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Pokemon Go by Niantic Labs, and PSVR all of which are geared towards improving immersive video through content and software. Digital video has been proven to be more entertaining, interactive and very versatile compared to the usual text. An experienced SEO agency Melbourne will apply different formats including live streaming, Instagram videos, Facebook Live, webinars, 360-degree videos and much more to keep the user engaged.

Listed above are some of the key digital strategies that will help businesses in Melbourne improve their online presence, engage better with their audience/customers and also improve their sales. To enjoy these plus more benefits, it’s vital to engage with skilled and credible digital marketing and SEO experts who always keep tabs on developing trends.