Getting Help with Conflicts Within an Organisation

A company entrenched in conflict can easily lose focus, which can result in losing customers because they are not being properly served. There are many reasons why conflicts can happen within a company, such as new management, a merger or chances in policies. Fortunately, if your company takes steps to resolve the conflicts it has, then it can recover and continue to be successful.

Dealing with Conflict

Conflicts within organisations are not unusual. The way they are dealt with can keep them from escalating into much larger problems. Most leaders will deal with conflicts of some kind in their careers, and it’s important that they know how to handle them properly. The method for handling conflicts is often determined by the source of the conflict.

Conflicts with Staff

If a conflict occurs between a manager and an employee, sometimes the problem can be solved by having the manager and employee sit down and discuss the issue at hand. It is important to allow the employee to have their say without the threat of losing their job. Sometimes, just sitting down and talking about the problem will be enough, as most employees just want someone to hear their grievances.

If the problem continues, then upper level management may need to step in to settle the issue, especially if there seems to be a personality conflict between the two people. A disagreement between management and employees can lead to decreased productivity, and affect the morale of the entire department. The conflict may also spread amongst employees. The issue needs to be evaluated fairly to discover whether the employee is the source of the conflict, or whether the manager needs additional training to learn how to handle issues in the workplace.

Conflict Training

Whether there are different conflicts that keep coming up within your company, or there is one that is ongoing, your organisation may need to bring in outside help to resolve them. A conflict management consulting firm can be brought in to evaluate the issue and recommend resolutions. The resolutions may involve implementing new policies, or reforming your organisation’s decision making processes. The firm may provide training to your management staff so they can learn how to manage relationships, handle conflicts stemming from differences in gender, cultural or religious differences, and conduct difficult conversations.


The consultant may organise training for your staff, or hold seminars regarding how to handle conflicts for management that are customised for your organisation’s needs. If there doesn’t seem to be an imminent resolution of a conflict, the consultant may recommend that the parties attend mediation so the issues can be heard by an impartial party, and then make suggestions for a fair resolution. Involving someone who doesn’t have an interest in your organisation can lead to resolutions with which most parties will be satisfied.

A good way to prevent conflicts that can affect your business is to provide professional developmental training to your management staff. They will learn how to communicate with others and handle issues quickly and fairly.