Home Alarm Systems or Remote Monitoring – Which Work Best?

Remote surveillance systems will be the best system for home monitoring anytime, compared to alarm systems. First alarm systems are limited to alerting you of intruders to your property within certain limitations. For instance, an alarm system will only detect a movement within places that have been fitted with the sensors but will not give you a picture of what is going on around your home. Besides, alarm systems are a traditional system that will detect fire and does not identify the cause of the fire.

However, remote monitoring systems are way much better and convenient means of monitoring your home as they come equipped with a lot of functionalities. First, they give you peace of mind as you don’t have to watch your property while you are away or asleep. The remote system does all the dirty work for you and will tell you what is happening by direct video feed, email, a text message from your phone, or a phone call. Secondly, remote monitoring systems can trigger some response actions to deal with a situation. For example, in the case of a fire, the system can trigger fire extinguishing actions installed in your home before you respond. Besides, in the event of an intruder, it can shut down a room or activate other measures to protect your property.

However, some argue the cost of installing a remote monitoring system is prohibitive as opposed to getting an alarm system for your home. As a result, they settle for less by getting an alarm system to monitor their homes. But they fail to recognize is they do not get value for money. A remote monitoring system is not only capable of handling security breaches within your home but will monitor and ensure the safety of your child and check on the daily operations of your domestic workers.

A remote monitoring security does not come with monthly subscriptions as it does not have a central watch station that does the monitoring for you. Instead, you have the information of what is happening in your home from your phone, tablet, or laptop. As such, you do the monitoring yourself from your office or when you are out for a holiday or a weekend off. You get notifications of motion detectors or when a door is opened first hand from your phone when the action happens. Then you check the feed, and you can decide whether it’s a burglar breaking into your premises or a pet that knocked over a plant. Remote monitoring gives you the authority to determine when to call the authorities and when to activate emergency measures.

On the other hand, alarm systems are connected to some central servers where someone else does the monitoring, and you are required to pay monthly subscriptions. Besides, you give someone else the authority to make decisions on your behalf, and they decide on what happens in your home in case of an emergency and you are notified of their decisions later. Though the alarm systems may favor someone who is quite busy, it is important to invest a good portion of your time to directly monitor your home to get a make better decisions on your home operations.

Hence, remote monitoring systems are more favorable to home owners with a young family as they get to see what is happening all the time without having to call the nanny. Remote monitoring works best over alarm systems as they are easy to maintain and give you real time information on what is happening in your home and do not require you to pay monthly fees.